Corporate Dealmaking and M&A

Corporate dealmaking refers to all actions that take place outside of the bargaining table which aim to bring together two or more parties toward the same goal. This could be the merger of two corporations, the sale of assets or business partnership. Corporate dealmakers are responsible for identifying strategic gaps, determining which companies best positioned to fill them, and then negotiating the deal to close the gaps.

The most successful corporate M&A departments have an enthused team, and a permanent seat at the table of the executive. They are accountable in establishing and executing M&A strategies. Leading companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific or Constellation Brands, for example, have M&A teams who are constantly on the move, searching for opportunities to fill gaps in strategic planning.

As technology advances, so too do the methods used by M&A teams identify possible partnerships and acquisitions. Artificial intelligence, for example can allow them to swiftly analyse huge amounts of data to find synergies within potential deals. Virtual data rooms and collaboration software allow the M&A team to share information across different locations.

Integrating value into a successful M&A strategy is a crucial part of an effective M&A. In reality, many acquirers struggle to deliver on the M&A targets that they set for their acquired businesses. The goals for sales growth and revenue can be met however, it comes at a cost. Between 80 and 90 percent of employees are laid off after an M&A.

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